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There are solutions and technologies that no longer surprise anyone. Autonomous cars, fingerprint logging in, CCTV cameras capturing potentially dangerous situations in the crowd. And although we have not heard about some of them a few decades ago, today they are widely used. This is also the case in our industry. Adaptation of the cars with a direct petrol injection engine to gas supply has become our domain.

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The technology developed by us in Zenit installation (Direct model) allows you to drive practically 100% on gas. We have used the 4th generation system, tested over the years, to dose LPG gas in the vapor phase by dedicated gas injectors. Thanks to this, the use of petrol injectors is limited to the necessary minimum – Zenit installation allows for a smooth dosage of 5 to 100% of petrol in the mixture of LPG + Pb. The use of Pb admixture ensures the stability of the petrol injectors and at the same time guarantees economical driving on gas and a quick return on assembly costs.

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Direct fuel injection operating on gas supply is the effect of a specially modified Zenit controller – for a specific engine code. The solution is, on the one hand universal and personalized on the other. Why? Universal, because we base on the universal Zenit installation platform. Personalized, because for each engine code we modify the gas injection map in such a way so as to match the petrol injection map and ensure maximum efficiency and economy. We have the technical background and experience to do it.

Are you wondering how to recognize an engine with direct petrol injection? Depending on the manufacturer, different engine codes refer to direct injection. The most popular are TFSI, TSI, FSI, GDI, THP, TCE, DISI, EcoBoost. But remember – every engine with this name has its own unique code.

Check on the manufacturer’s website if the Zenit Direct Box installation is available for your engine code. You will find all already developed engine codes at the very bottom of the page.

Kuchar testuje instalację Zenit Direct- Bezpośredni wtrysk benzyny na LPG! Subtitles: EN, ES, RU, PL
Kuchar testuje instalację Zenit Direct- Bezpośredni wtrysk benzyny na LPG! Subtitles: EN, ES, RU, PL

Take a look at Tomek Kuchar’s test, Polish Champion in Rallycross in the strongest SupeCars class.

Kuchar did not save the tested Skoda Superb 1.8 with engine over 200 hp. He took the car to Radom Auto Moto Club track and tested it with Skoda Octavia RS. The result of the clash of the car powered by LPG and the car powered exclusively by petrol can be seen on our YT channel. Zenit was also tested in typical urban conditions by the editors of Auto Świat magazine. Test’s result? 5+!Check on your own » )

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Contact us if your engine code does not appear in the list above. At preferential price conditions, we will modify Zenit installation especially for you. Details at (48) 322 27 33 or e-mail address:

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