What is the determinant of the product quality?

Long presence on the market? A good opinion about the product? Maybe positive test results? Or maybe satisfied users? In our industry of automotive LPG & CNG gas installations – it all matters. We combine these determinants in one brand – Zenit.

Zenit is the knowledge and experience gained over the years. Zenit is a technology that is constantly developing. Zenit is the best part of driving – literally and figuratively.

Just count how much money you spend at the petrol station today, and how much you can save wisely with Zenit installation!

A lot, right? What are you going to spend the money on? On a trip, on learning how to ride a motorcycle, on flying a balloon? Or maybe just on a new TV, on a console or on a home cinema?

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Thanks to Zenit, you will travel twice as large distance. When travelling, you do not have to stand in line with others to the only petrol station within 100 km. Satisfied, you’ll go further, straight to the goal!

Wonderful, right? So what for would you spend the saved time on? On your hobby, on time with your family? Or maybe just on some extra sleep?

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In the autogas installation, the heart is an electronic control unit (commonly referred to as a controller) – that’s why it is so important which heart you choose.

Zenit controller is also a guardian of savings and reliability, responsible for the ‘WOW’! effect in everyday use of the car powered by gas.

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Do you want to contribute to the improvement of the air quality and the environment? The solution is simple, available immediately and depends only on you.

If you use gas supply in your car, then in comparison to the petrol supply, the car emits around:


It’s not everything. Do you know that LPG does not produce soot and any other residue? The conclusion is simple – as a driver you have a real impact on the environment, and the best solutions are very easy to apply. Remember – cars with gas installation are definitely more environmentally friendly than cars powered only by petrol or diesel!

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More and more people appreciate the installation of a gas system in a car. The main reason is economic factor – the costs of LPG installations are quickly returned, even if we decide on a more expensive option, because the price of autogas is about 50% lower than the price of petrol and diesel. The application of a gas mixture to the drive itself has many advantages: it ensures even and quiet operation of the engine, appropriate dynamics and also reduces the emission of harmful exhaust fumes.

The 4th generation gas installation consists of:

  • controller – dedicated to 3, 4, 5, 6 or 8 cylinder engines
  • gas injectors – on a rail or on a cable that support power greater than the power of your car
  • gas reducer – supporting power greater than the power of your car
  • MAPsensor
  • vapour state filter
  • gas tank – depending on the capabilities of the car, it is mounted in the spare wheel cavity or in the trunk
  • multivalve
  • gas inflow – depending on the capabilities of the car, it is mounted in the fuel filler flap or in the bumper
  • LPG switch
logo Zenit Blue Box - Dołącz do nas

Zenit Blue Box is a modern controller for sequential gas supply systems in the vapour state, dedicated to 4-cylinder engines.

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pro - Dołącz do nas

Zenit Pro is an excellent controller from the Pro Line, meeting the requirements of modern automotive electronics. It is available in two versions: standard and extended with the OBD module.

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direct - Dołącz do nas

Zenit Direct is an innovative vapour gas injection system dedicated to 4-cylinder engines with direct petrol injection. It is a product that meets the requirements of the most demanding users.

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compact - Dołącz do nas

Zenit Compact is a proven controller from the economic line. It is dedicated to 4-cylinder cars. The solutions used in it guarantee high quality and stable operation of the installation.

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logo Zenit Black Box 1 - Dołącz do nas

Black Box platform is a new ECU model from the Zenit family. Zenit Black Box is an unrivaled autogas installation of the premium category, which outclasses competitive brands due to the universality and performance of the platform.

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myth : The engine loses its power

fact : There is no difference between Pb supply and LPG

In the case of the sequential installation (i.e., IV generation gas injection) a right choice of components, in particular gas injectors, delivers practically the same performance as on petro alone. That means that during normal driving user does not feel the ... ( read more » )

myth : Engine wears much faster when running on gas

fact : Thank to LPG engine oil life extends significantly

Engine wear is a normal phenomenon and cannot be prevented. This process can only be limited - for example, by skillful operation of the engine, use good quality fluids, regular service etc. LPG gas fuel has the property that it doesn't bond to the engine oil ... ( read more » )

myth : LPG may cause the engine catch fire

fact : 90% of car fires have no connection with the gas

Car fires are extremely rare - either on the road or in garage. In those cases the MYTH has brought up that the LPG installation caused fire. This is very seldom justified. The most common cause of car fire is a leak in the fuel system (collecting the vapors ... ( read more » )

myth : Propane tank in the car is like having a ticking bomb

fact : LPG tanks can withstand ten times the pressure than conventional fuel tanks

LPG tanks are subjected to very rigorous testing before certification. This means constant monitoring of tanks' production process. LPG operating pressure in a car installation is about 3 - 4 atmosphere. In order to pass the strength test tank is subjected to ... ( read more » )

myth : Not all of the engines are "made for gas"

fact : Every engine with spark ignition can work on LPG

The best thing to say would be that vehicles in "certain condition" should not be converted. Unfortunately, in case of heavily worn out engine, we cannot expect economic benefits. Gas mixtures require better conditions for combustion than gasoline which means ... ( read more » )

myth : New engines don't tolerate LPG

fact : New engines with direct petrol injection take conversion to LPG very well

Currently, most of the new engines have gasoline direct injection fuel supply. It allows achieving extremely high power output with low capacity while maintaining a reasonable level of combustion. For many years now, these engines have been fitted with gas ... ( read more » )

myth : LPG at every petrol station is of the same quality.

fact : The quality and composition of LPG are important

For proper operation it is very important to appropriately follow season changes with a right proportion of propane butane but that varies from station to station. Hot summer allows the use of mixtures rich in butane, and cold winters require more propane in ... ( read more » )

myth : It doesn't matter where do I assemble the LPG installation

fact : Proper installation and fine tuning of LPG directly translate into user satisfaction

The choice of proper installation is a key to savings and customer satisfaction. The professional assembly and adjustment are also essential factors. Proper installation and fine tuning of LPG directly translate into user satisfaction. Therefore your vehicle ... ( read more » )

myth : The engine designed to work on petrol shall work exclusively on petrol!

fact : LPG is not less favorable than petrol

Physicochemical properties of propane-butane mixture in many ways are superior to gasoline. LPG has much higher octane number, many times less complex chemical composition (LPG contains pure hydrocarbons) and a significantly higher mass energy value. In the ... ( read more » )

The rule is simple – the more you drive, the longer distance you travel, the faster the cost of assembling the autogas installation pays back. This is a very optimistic message for those who decide for Zenit installations.

That’s how to drive half price!

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( PLN )
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W obliczeniach przyjmuje się średni koszt montażu instalacji gazowej wynoszący 2500 zł. Kurs dolara: 3.82 zł, kurs euro: 4.33 zł.
Przyjmuje się zużycie gazu o 15% większe niż zużycie benzyny.
Nie uwzględniono minimalnej ilości benzyny niezbędnej do poprawnego działania instalacji.

( PLN )
( PLN )
( km )
( l )
( l )
( l )

W obliczeniach przyjmuje się średni koszt montażu instalacji gazowej wynoszący 3500 zł. Kurs dolara: 3.82 zł, kurs euro: 4.33 zł.
W systemie zastosowano unikalną strategię umożliwiającą płynną regulację dawki benzyny w czasie pracy na gazie w zakresie od 5 do 100%. Dzięki niej wtryskiwacze benzynowe pracują w całym zakresie pracy silnika, dawka benzyny jest na tyle mała, że nie wpływa negatywnie na ekonomię jazdy na gazie i na tyle duża, że nie skraca żywotności wtryskiwaczy benzynowych. Na potrzeby kalkulatora przyjęto dotrysk na poziomie 25%.

( PLN )
( PLN )
( km )
( l )
( l )
( l )

W obliczeniach przyjmuje się średni kurs dolara: 3.82 zł oraz kurs euro: 4.33 zł.
Ze względu na bardzo szeroki zakres zastosowania produktu (do różnych typów pojazdów) nie uwzględniono wartości montażu.

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the installation cost will pay back after 0 months
You save
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0 annually
the installation cost will pay back after 0 months

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Direct injection

Direct fuel injection operating on gas supply is the effect of a specially modified Zenit controller – for a specific engine code. The solution is, on the one hand universal and personalized on the other.


It’s a combination of 2 engines. Internal combustion engine and electric engine. It is commonly known that hybrid cars are ecological and economical at the same time. Their owners are mindful of protecting the environment, fighting smog. And can the hybrid be even more ECOlogical and ECOnomical?