oszczednosc 256x256 - Benefits from driving and assembling LPG & CNG installation

The most vivid and valued by drivers benefit is wise saving. Gas installation in the car allows you to drive the same distance practically at half the price.

ekologia 256x256 - Benefits from driving and assembling LPG & CNG installation

The use of LPG & CNG autogas installations has a positive impact on the environment – it reduces the level of exhaust emissions compared to petrol combustion. Smog is the doom of not only the inhabitants of large cities, but also the global inhabitants of the planet Earth. Environment is a good that we should all take care of, regardless of where we live. By choosing the Zenit autogas installation, you add your brick to a better tomorrow!

oszczednosc 256x256 - Benefits from driving and assembling LPG & CNG installation

An interesting fact is that LPG gas fuel can extend the life of the engine. This is because LPG does not combine with engine oil molecules (as opposed to petrol). Thanks to this, the oil maintains its lubricating and washing properties much longer.

earth car 80x40 - Benefits from driving and assembling LPG & CNG installationearth car 80x40 - Benefits from driving and assembling LPG & CNG installation

Imagine situation:

You’re going on holiday,  there is big traffic on the road. You refueled the car before the trip, but the meter’s indicator already shows the reserve. You go to the petrol station and you get thrills when you see the long queue to the distributor. You just lost 30 minutes for another refueling

This story may also have an optimistic scenario.

Going on holiday, you refueled the car before the trip. There is big traffic on the road. Other cars go  to the only station within 100 km, so you can see the queue to the distributor from the road … However, you are happy to continue your way straight to the destination. Yes, it’s possible.

Or imagine such a situation.

You are going to work, there is traffic in the city and you are looking for a station to refuel a car that indicates a reserve. You have 2 options – you go straight to work on the fumes and you will not be late, but will you be able to get from work to the station? Option two – you go to the station, but you are late for work. These are lose-lose options …

You agree with us that it is better to avoid stressful situations on the road, right? Therefore, take care to increase the range of your car by investing in Zenit installation. Thanks to it, the distance you can travel without refueling is practically twice as large, and saving time – invaluable!

Let’s be honest – have you ever felt bad at the petrol station when you paid for the fuel? Certainly not once you thought: I would rather spend this money on something else!

Many drivers want to drive cheaper, but at the same time can not imagine that it would limit driving. No wonder – the car is a convenience and a person quickly gets used to it. Driving to work, for shopping, for a meeting with friends or for a trip outside the city.

So how to save money on petrol? By installing the Zenit autogas system! With Zenit, you save up to 50% of petrol expenses!

Count, how much money you spend at the petrol station today, and how much you can save wisely with Zenit installation!

A lot, right? What are you going to spend the money on? On a trip, on learning how to ride a motorcycle, on a balloon flight? Or maybe just on a new TV, on a console or on a home cinema?

Whatever it is – Zenit brings you closer to everyday needs and to life’s dreams. Mount Zenit installation!